Location: Nights, Travel by Taxi

At Night in Las Vegas during CES Travel by Taxi

If you haven't been to CES before, plan on renting a number of taxi cabs. When you go out after the show, be it for dinner, a show, or drinks; you catch a cab. Taxis in Las Vegas are as important as they are in New York City, I suggest you get comfortable with them as they protect your timelines, and you get there now. Taxi Cabs will wait for you in front of the hotels 24/7, and the Airport has a HUGE taxi stand.

CES is one of the busiest weeks in Vegas. Every major artery is packed with cars. Only those who know the current status of the continually under construction zone know as the Strip, have a chance of moving around quickly. These paths are not listed on GPS, nor are they on the local maps. But the cab drivers both know and use them. This often keeps me on schedule when I move across town after the show.

In Las Vegas, the taxi services are multiple, and the service is consistent across companies. Taxis have video and surveillance installed by law, so there is little monkey business with price too. As your driver works, you ride, have the convenience, don't have to find parking, never deal with vehicle security, parking charges, breakins. Remember have no liability, are not getting lost, and somebody else is pumping the gas. The taxi cab is worth the money, based on time, effectiveness, and availability.

Why not a car?
I have rented a car for CES before in Las Vegas. I am not saying I will never do it again. However, I don't ever take it out in the evenings after the show. Inevitably, I end up having dinner, a glass of wine, and a good conversation with one of the greatest minds in my industry every night at CES. It is far easier to just leave the driving and the hassle to someone else. DUI is no joke in this town, 3 drinks can land you in jail.