Location: Airliners to CES

Traveling to CES via DIA and LAS on Airplanes

Denver International Airport and McCarran International Airport are the gateway to CES for us. We suggest you fly in too. Another year, another round of smooth travels to and from Computer Electronics Show, CES. I'm always amused by the sheer number of elite and premier passengers on any aircraft bound for the first 2 days of CES. Pay attention to your flight and you might get a good laugh from it too. Again, wonderful how technology, aircraft, and professional pilots can ferry you to and from in the modern era...

Everybody on the team arrived at the airport prior to airplane boarding. No one had to endure the stress of waiting to see if a person made it. Flight on time, quick departure, and only minor bumps on the ride out. Let's look at some details: after an on time push back from our gate at DIA, we taxi to the end of our concourse, a short taxi, and voilla, the magic speaker sounds out, "We are Number One for Departure. Flight attendants, please be seated."Airborne, and off those tarmacs in under 10 minutes.

I LOVE TO FLY THROUGH DIA. Kudos to the boys and girls running the show.

Next we have an honorable mention for the TSA staff today. They were on the ball, and there was no waiting at any of the security checkpoints. The north train security, south train security, and concourse A flyover security checkpoints for the Airport had no Lines. That is impressive. Tell me you've seen that at ORD, JFK, LAX, or MIA lately. I felt adequately violated in a short and sweet period of time, and the site is secured. How do you argue with that execution. Picture perfect. We can debate the law some other time. Nice work TSA!

Finally, honorable mention to the staff at DIA. The place was clean, tidy, and smelled nice. That is no small feat.