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The Consumer Electronic Show is one of the largest trade shows in the world. With products from computers to cars, vacuums to 3D bigscreen TVs. All on display and waiting for you to come and see. The Consumer Electronic Show is one of the largest trade shows in the world. The 2012 trade show, with roughly 150,000 attendees was no exception. With products from computers to cars, vacuums to 3D bigscreen TVs the whole spectrum of Consumer Electronics is represented. All these electronics are on display and waiting for you in one place, the annual CES show in Las Vegas Nevada. This website is designed to help you understand a few things before you go to this spectacular show for the first time, and keep pace with the changes if you missed the show. This is only 1/2 of the CES coverage we keep online, a sister site, with with a different tone, and links are here. No two person's CES shows are alike. I try to give two viewpoints from my week. If your new to the show, use the links on the bottom right to understand the basics, and how to go yourself.
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2012 CES Reveiw

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CES Overview

What is CES??? | Celebrities @ CES | How Do I GO!

Categories of Electronics
CES is a tradeshow that geographically spans several square miles of space. This show is so massive, I have never been able to walk the whole thing, without missing something, in the four days provided. You certainly have to pick and choose what you want to look at. The first step in that process is knowing your options. This section is designed to give you a few of the 200 categories of electronics available at the Consumer Electronics Show annually.
Computers, Components, and Parts
Car Stereos and Car Electronics
Smartphone - Mobile
Televisions and Stereos
Home Electronics
Video Games and Systems

Traveling to CES
The CES show is one of the busiest weeks Las Vegas sees all week. Therefore, traveling to CES, you are one of nearly a quarter million making the steps in 4 days. When there are that many people to navigate around, through, and with, it's best to know where you are going. This section of information is designed to give you a bit of a bearing before you arrive.
Traveling to CES Overview
Airliners to CES
Airport to Hotel - Your First Travels
Days, You Travel by Bus
Nights, Travel by Taxi

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