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CES is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, annually, in January. This means that CES is an ideal way to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, making one get hyped up about electronics. Las Vegas provides an ideal backdrop for the first weekend of the work week, right after the stressful holiday season. In addition, the electronics on display make any engineer feel like a kid in a candy store. Even if you only get to shop around the show on the way to and from your exhibitor booth, CES is an ideal atmosphere of brainpower, excitment, electricity, and semiconductors.

Buyers are offered the red carpet at CES every year. For it is the buyers from the largest stores in the world who engage in negotations with each of the manufacturers to stock their shelves for the next 6 - 12 months with everything from televisions to car stereos. The buyers from all computer electronics companies are encouraged to visit their vendors exhibition booths during CES. CES even makes it easy, extending to each exhibiting company free registration of their top 10 buyers. If you aren't a top 10 buyer, and you run a small online distribution company don't dispair. You weren't left out. Just click on the link below to stay up to date on early, "FREE" registration for this years CES.
CES Registration

Exhibitors at CES:
CES Exhibitors are the ones who make the magic happen. The largest companies in the world spare no expense in designing and bringing to the floor exquisite displays of the newest electronics. If you want to be an exhibitor, you must qualify, apply, receive approval, purchase space, and make preliminary arrangements prior to the end of October. Hurry, the next years spaces start selling out prior to the end of the last years show. Generally, you want to have your ducks in a row, and be fully signed up and listening for directions by the first of October to be in front of things. By November, companies need to have their staff, hotel rooms, and other information set and ready to go. This information will be critical for planning hotel rooms, airline amenities, etc.
Go to the official CES website here for more up to date information

Industry Affiliates, Programmers, Engineers, and Enthusiasts:
The consumer electronics industry doesn't go around without a significant number of very smart individuals contributing to the larger companies efforts. These folks are always welcome, and should send in their credentials. This gives the programmer the opportunity to go to the worlds largest "BEST BUY" and play. You can touch every item you could every want to program on, for, or with.

With potential stories at every corner, world premiers of new technology on every shelf, celebrities making appearances on every other isle, and nearly 200,000 people there to add a human element, there is plenty news to cover live. Nearly a half dozen networks set up full blown live broadcast sets, and stream via satellite right onto your TV set from the floor of CES. Bloomberg, MSNBC, G4, CNET, and a host of others make annual appearances. To make the press feel at home, a host of services are also provided to keep you going and on your feet. All press, analysts and bloggers are invited to attend press/blogger luncheons on-site at CES each year. Badges denoting press, analyst or blogger and provided coupons provide you admittance to many things.

Run a website company?
How about an ebay online shop?
Have a car stereo installation company?
Print up a business card, or 40, from a kit at the local office supply store ($30-$250).
Now build a website so you have corroborating info, and an email address ($10-$10000/yr).
Now apply for your credentials. You won't be the first. Just play by the rules, have the proper credentials, and be respectful.