Location: Celebrities @ CES

Celebrities at CES 2012

Annually the discussion of which celebrities did you see at CES comes up. This is where I oblige those discussions. Television personalities, sports icons, award winning-actors and government officials aing ttend CES to showcase and discuss the innovative products and technologies shaping consumer technology. The 2012 International CES, the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow, was no exception.

Every year, the topic of who did you meet that is famous comes up. The folks that impress me always seem to be the ones whose greatness is lost on the public. Instead they want to talk about the same celebrities that get a load of attention elsewhere too. These being the rules, I oblige.

These are some of the memorable folks I saw at the show this year. No compromising photos, I don't want them to sent photogs after me either.

Fifty Cent (photographed right)

Kim Kardashian

Maria Bartiromo - and the MSNBC crew

Cory Johnson - Fit right in, and made me laugh.
So a public thank you to you Cory, and yes your commentary later was great.
link to Bloomberg show coverage.