Location: Car Electronics 2011

Cars, Electronics, and CES 2011

Sure, your local big city car show has more cars. The car show may have more tires, rims, mufflers, and engine parts too. However, there is no way that any car show has more Car Stereos, Speakers, Amps, Woofers, GPS, Battery Propulsion, Battery Technology, and other various advanced vehicle electronic systems on display. From automated and digitized hydraulic systems, to cars that jump due to the speaker recoil, CES is THE car show.

The car to the right is my favorite from the CES 2011 show. It is a Tesla Roadster that is being charged, without wires, by Fulton Industries. You simply drive the car in the garage, and go inside. The charger senses the car, turns on, and wireless directs the power back into the batteries. This is the prototype, it takes 2 days to charge the battery from dead to full, but the technology is coming. This type of advanced technology is the reason you go to this car show. The beautiful women, keynote speeches by the CEOs of the companies (Ford - bottom right, Audi - bottom left), and the nice sound track just make the afternoon an enjoyable event.

Ford Keynote at CES 2011   Audi Keynote at CES 2011