Location: 2012 CES Tone

The tone of the 2012 CES Show

The Tone of the 2012 International CES was really looking forward to next year for the second, third and fourth tier suppliers, coders, and manufacturers. The larger corporations are quietly finishing the release on the next level of data control and movement behind the scenes. This year we are seeing the final builds of many technological advancements. Many of the highest level manufacturers have gotten back on track with their Research and Development after a few leaner years. Over the next 2 years expect to see many new innovative products, new markets, and new services. Each will revolve around the new abilities of hardware to move content throughout your digitally connected life. The cloud, now 2-4 years old, is becoming stable enough for 3rd generation deployment. Fifth generation wifi will enable 750 mb/s wireless, which will unlock true HD video throughout the business, home, and industrial arenas. Automotive integration will finally bring that information and infotainment to our vehicles as well.

The end of a 14 year Microsoft legacy as the Headline act at CES only opens questions. What is next? Next year will see the release of the Windows 8 Operating System and associated updates. This is ironic as our statistics for many websites show that just under 1/2 of the citizens on the internet still run Windows XP and 14-19% Mac/Iphone/Ipad. I wonder if folks will choose to skip 7 for 8, or begrudgingly choose 7 due to bugs. Will the Macintosh explosion continue as Microsoft continues to release new versions that look NOTHING like the previous version? If you have to train someone to use Windows again or choose to move to Iphones, sometimes the employees choose Iphones.

Only time will tell. Linux still quietly churns forward (as I write this on a linux based Mac OS). The Ubuntu Linux booth was a welcome addition to my show experience this year. I look forward to all the big boys starting to appear: Suse, Red Hat, etc. then this show will finally see some of the other answers Microsoft has traditionally silenced.

With more cars in the computer component and hardware section of the show than I have ever seen before, I am willing to bet you will be seeing the innovations in the parking lot by next year. Between the ability to move a CD worth of data across the 750mb/s Generation 5 wifi systems before I can cross the street, the video cameras in every panel, solid state drives that can stand the heat, and other innovations now available, the car is about to be a rolling entertainment center. Intel's booth showed us that the car, with an I7 Processor, can even drive and or help you do it better. Head's up display, engine throttle assist, hazard avoidance, and much, much more. Once we automate the car, maybe then we can get it to fly. Automation may begin in earnest this year!

So this year is a good one to look forward. Many companies have innovations that are due to hit the streets in 2nd quarter 2012 through 1st quarter 2013. Many technology manufacturers used CES to introduce the technology that will drive next years gadgets that will actually rest on your local Best Buy's shelves. Can't wait for CES 2013.