Location: 2012 CES Hardware Keeps Going Mobile

2012 CES Computer hardware Dominated by Smaller, Faster, More Robust.

Moore's law is in no danger of running out of steam if this year's CES show was any indication. A full blown computer that measures under 4 inches square. Yes, less than 1/27th of a square foot for a complete computer with big box moxy. Yes, it really measures 4 inches or less in every direction. Add a mouse, keyboard, and display to this little box to the right and you have a full blown computer system. Add another set of input and output devices to even share the little powerhouse between a pair of users. This isn't just a thought, it's a reality with the Xi3 5 Series Modular Computers.

Ultrabook computers take these small components on the road with Phase 1 ultrabooks being released as we speak in Q4 2011, and Q1 of 2012. The machines photographed aren't just nice, they are also available as of press time. The term "Ultrabook" will continue to define the lightest, fastest, and most robust laptops of the industry, and they are coming out the chutes already.

Another Generation of tablets is coming, and it's got brothers and sisters, both big and small. The standard tablet computer, the Ipad, be it version 1 or 2, is fairly standardized in size. At CES we see that the size of the tablet is now going to be as personal as your choice, with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 14 inches and larger. All these new tablet computers are capable of running differing operating systems including Windows Mobile, Android, and Proprietary operating systems based on the Cellphone Carrier who offers them.

Smartphones continue to evolve; HD cameras are now standard and they are looking both ways. The video and infotainment systems rival the television's offerings. Smartphones are now starting to see chips comparable to computing power in desktop computers. Finally sensors that make location systems, maps, and compasses obsolete, with cell tower backup are just a few examples. LTE technology is making Smartphones have a bit more data capability, but the spectrum is tightening down a bit for the cell carriers due to the data usage. Next year WIFI generation 5 will come to the rescue and bring new powers to old services, and new services online to facilitate users whims. The hardware is ready to move through the next phase of data consumption rates. As the cellphones at least pause to consume data, the webtop, as seen below is becoming a reality.
Motorolla Mobile Webtop at CES 2012