Location: 2012 CES Auto Trends

2012 CES see Automotive Convergence Accelerate

The 2012 CES Show in Las Vegas this year was populated by cars in the consumer elecrtronics areas. This alludes to further convergence. Where will you get all that time in the future? Well if your car manufacturerers have anything to say about it, they think you ought to be multitasking in their automobiles more efficiently. Infotainment will start to become much more mainstream in the cars of the near future. Three dimensional screens that do not require glasses, cameras, solid state drives, and more all coming together to make the driving experience much less boring to the passengers. Long gone are the days of waiting until you get home to see that show, or download that song. Let alone watch it.

Navigation, cellphone integration, and safety standards inside the industry to try and streamline the communication experience, comply with new regulations, and continue to drive safely are evolving quickly. From the lamborghini to the new Tesla sedan seen here, many of the vehicles wanted to talk to my cellphone as I sat down inside. Gotta love how the electronics in my own pocket make their display at the show that much better. Remember to make an app for that!

Now that the kids are entertained, and maybe the husband too, somebody has to do the driving, for at least a few more years. After that, we may not really be doing all the driving on the roads. The infamous Google Cars that are mythical on the internet and in news casts aren't the only ones any more. Intel showed the CES attendees that a computer driving a vehicle isn't just a reality, but it can and does adjust to real life conditions faster than you can. Intel execs decided to dedicate over 1000 square feet to the display, so I would suggest they think that is important. The question is how fast this technology is integrated into the vehicles we actually buy at the corner dealership. I would assume two model years, so the middle to end of 2013, but they may suprise us.

Bottom line, watch the auto industry for major changes, technologically. This year I saw more vehicles inside than in the parking lot of the display areas. In addition, there were nearly as many vehicles in the traditional computer components sections as there were in the automotive section of the show. These two are colliding, and quickly...